Radio Alarm

The usecase is easily explained, some of us need to wake up at certain times. This is a very old problem, the first solutions were these mechanical clocks that one had to wind up manually and which made these loud ticking noises. Unbelievable nowadays, nobody in the stress plaqued modern society would be able to find any sleep with this loud clocks in the same room, we need silence.

Than we had radio alarm clocks, the improved versions were able to retrieve a time signal from some atomic clock, which helped when you needed to unplug them. The reception was bad, specially in winter times, this drove us crazy sometimes. This devices are usually resting in the closet now, dont they.

We do not use them any more because now we have smart phones. Typicaclly its laying right next to your bed and you use one of the included default alarm tunes to wake you up. Some might be using some kind of radio alarm app, like I did.

I have never been very happy with this solutiom, I like to go offline when I sleep because I dont wont to be bothered. If you do this, the radio alarm will not work of course. Its also nice to have a clock somehwere in the room so you dont have to grab your phone to see the time. This feature got lost with the death of the mechanical clock and the radio alarm.

So I thought, why not recycle one of the old smartphones and tablet pc's that are starting to pile up at home. You do not really need an app nowadays because a website will do. They can show the time and they can start a audio stream at a certain time, at least on some browsers

You see the result at The best feature is: you can remote control the radio alarm. You can set the alarm time, and start / stop the audio stream from a second device, for example by using the smartphone next to you.