What we can do for you

We are developing individual software using Microsofts .NET framework. Mostly we do database driven software.

Databases we are working with are Microsofts SQL Server, MySql and Oracle.

We are also doing alot of work in the imaging business. We did our own Barcode Reading SDK for .NET, which will soon be available on this site. If you have huge paper archives, we can consult you on how do digitalise those. We can help you on automatically extracting information from digitalised images, like invoice data or document classification. As we can find barcodes on images, we can also find and extract other features like stickers and form elements from images.

We can help you with PDFs and consult you on how to sign them. We can consult you on how to use OCR Software to make them searchable.

Software in the .NET area is currently mostly about MVC. We are building responsive web applications for the intranet and the internet. Of course we also did windows forms and WPF. If you feel the need to migrate any kind of software to MVC, we can help you.

We are also doing Windows Services that do their work in the background.

This site here is hosted by our own CMS. We can help you if you need a IIS based CMS which allows easy adding, editing of articles and easy embedding of image and video content. Of course it can also be used as a PDF archive.

We can bring you in touch with the best available local designers to develop your marketing design or corporate identity. They will even be happy to design your business cards.