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Ad-Free Forumlast update: 2005-09-07

Hondos Bulletin Board provides free forum hosting financed by advertising.
There are several ways to deactivate advertising on our forums.

  • Payment: The easiest way might be to pay to get the ads removed, prices start at 75 Cents / month when paid for a full year in advance. The link to our payment system can be found in the FAQ of your forum.

  • Review at We will deactivate advertising for 3 month for every review for Hondos Bulletin Board written at Click here to write a review. Please send an email to before you do the review containing the id of the forum you want the ads to be removed.

  • Translation: Translate our forum to a foreign language that we do not have yet and get ads removed for 6 month. Only forum admins can access the scripts to add language translations. Contact us before you start a language translation at to make sure you are the only one working on that language.

  • Shop at Amazon: When you shop at or using our Amazon Shop at we will deactivate ads on your forum for every purchase over $20. Please send an email to containing the id of your forum, what you purchased and the total amount of your purchase.
    The number of month ads will be deactivated depends on your purchase amount:
    $20+ => 1 month ads deactivated
    $40+ => 2 month ads deactivated
    $60+ => 3 month ads deactivated
    and so on, up to 6 month.

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