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Featureslast update: 2006-01-11

This list is updated periodically. Please visit the news section of our support forum for our latest features.

Sub Forums
- any number of sub forums
- any number of categories
- available forum types: standard, event manager, file upload, image gallery and guestbook
- change the sorting of your sub forums at any time
- hide sub forums

Integrated Guestbook
- comes as a special forum type
- can be used independent from the forum
- extra templates to configure the layout of your guestbook
- full moderation of all postings

Integrated Weblog
- every user is able to create his unique weblog through his profile
- all forum users can post in every weblog
- all weblogs customizable
- area to upload images for each weblog

Image Galleries
- every gallery can hold any amount of images
- generate thumbnails online
- comment available for each image

Send SMS to your Forum
- customers of a German cell phone provider can send SMS-messages to their forum
- these messages are displayed as new posts in a special forum

Send EMails to your forum
- these emails are displayed as new posts in a special forum
- ad up to 5 attached images to your email

- set permissions for the forum index to deny public access
- per sub forum: set permission for reading, posting, creation of topics, creation of polls
- available permission levels: admin, moderator, forum member, group member, registered user, guest
- any number of moderators for each sub forum
- any number if administrators
- web admins with access to all design pages
- ban users: per IP, username and email address
- delete users

- special forumtypes with ZIP attachments
- option to allow upload of up to 5 images to every post
- admins can upload any number of images for board design, smilies, posticons etc.
- avatar upload for all users

- any number of topics and postings
- edit, delete, lock and move postings
- quote posts
- Hot Topics / Sticky Topics: stay on top of the topic list
- WYSIWYG Editor: allows easy text formatting as you are used to using word
- subscribe to a topic or a sub forum to get email notification on new postings
- all posting modifications are logged

- define moderators for each forum
- with our review option posts are published after review only
- activate review for a forum or for single users only

- statistics are available for user registrations, postings and visitors
- the data can be grouped by day, week, month or year

- change to another default layout at any time
- change the HTML-code of every single forum page with more than 150 templates
- default layout for each template available at any time
- dynamic data is inserted using variables
- area to upload images to extend your layout
- configure any number if smilies
- configure posticons
- configure user rankings

- create a poll for each posting following the permission setting
- any number of questions
- activate/deactivate polls
- option to define an ending date/time for polls
- each registered user has one vote

Instant Messenger
- send messages to recipients, even when they are offline
- messages pop up when the recipient enters the forum
- change the layout of the messenger
- manage your friends using your buddy list
- online status nearly in real time (not based on session-timeout)

Event Manager
- assign registered users to each event manager
- every assigned user can post with reason if he is available for a certain event
- add postings to each event
- change the layout of the event manager

Special Forms for Recorded Games
- available for Warcraft III, Age of Mythology and Age of Kings
- information about the game (players, map, length of the game ...) can be entered
- downloads are counted

- search for keywords
- search for author
- search in selected forum or all forums
- search in topic title and message text
- sort results acending or descending

User titles
- there is a ranking system by the number of postings of a user
- special titles for admins and moderators can be configured
- you can assign an individual title to each of your users

Weekly Backup
We do backups of layouts, uploaded files and all forum databases every week.

Missing Features
New features are added periodically. Contact our support if you are missing a feature that is important for you.

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